Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome at the age of 52, Mª Àngels Mestre, architect, daughter, sister and niece of doctors, married and mother of two children, thought the solution was to find a good doctor who understood the disease. However, after visiting several doctors and taking many drugs with side effects, she came to the conclusion that this was not the way.
Today, thanks to many changes like a new personal attitude, self-acknowledgement, a new lifestyle, a new diet and several holistic medicine therapies, she’s a woman who has recovered health. Conventional medicine has recognised that she’s “asymptomatic”, that means that she doesn’t have any symptoms of the condition.
This Website is addressed to all sick people, whether the disease is “fibromyalgia” or not, because the main character here is not the condition itself, but sick people who will find here a hope to recovery.

Here and now I propose a big transformation in your way of thinking, feeling and acting, so that you give up to everything that led to the disease. It’s necessary to substitute old paradigms which limited us to be what we are, to start feeling free and healthy. The aim of this statement is the development of the inner self and the awakening of the consciousness.

Here and now I propose a big transformation in your way of thinking, feeling and acting, so that you get rid of everything that caused the disease. It’s necessary to substitute old paradigm patterns which limit our ability to control our lives, to start feeling free and healthy. The aim of this statement is the development of the inner self and the awakening of consciousness.

Mª Àngels Mestre

I invite you to go through a recovery process for fibromyalgia. The first step is to accept that fibromyalgia is a part of yourself. It is not your enemy but your teacher. Fibromyalgia is here to help you understand it so that you can evolve to a new life. You will be in control of this new life and it will surely lead you to the wellbeing you have always wanted.

English Book

This book moves away from all the structures of the current system in all its aspects, political, social, economic and religious to show a new humanity with Christ Consciousness, that lives in peace, without conflicts, with solidarity to reach God without depending on any institution.

The intention is to awaken consciousness through the knowledge of truth. Also to talk about the eternal questions that the humankind has asked itself since ancient times. Who are we? Where do we come from? Why did we come to this world? What is our mission? Where do we go when we die? What’s the point of everything?…


What is fibromyalgia?

Let’s talk about FIBROMYALGIA
The origin of the word “fibromyalgia” is the combination of the Latin word “fibra”, which means “fibre» or “fibrous”, and the Greek words “mys” and “algos”, which mean “muscle” and “pain” respectively.
It’s a disease that presents problems very difficult to be solved by medicine. Its cause remains unknown, it cannot be detected by means of a lab test and nobody knows how to cure it, that’s why it’s considered a chronic disease. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed when there is pain on both sides of the body, above and below the waist, and when the person experiences tenderness or pain in at least eleven of the eighteen specified tender points.
In about 1985, when research on fibromyalgia began, the name of the disease was “fibrositis”, which means ‘inflammation of the muscles’. But this is an incorrect name, because in fibromyalgia there is muscle contraction rather than inflammation. It’s the rheumatic disease which affects more people; a total of 30% of Western people.


Pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments, articulations – Insomnia – Headaches – Irritable bowel and bladder syndrome – Painful menstrual periods- Bad circulation in extremities – Restless leg syndrome- Pain in the temporomaxilar articulation – Cognitive problems – Depression- Anxiety – Lack of muscular strength – Dry mouth and eyes – Chemical sensitivity to the environment…


According to the Spanish Society for Rheumatology, fibromyalgia:

• affects 2,5 to 4% of Spanish population; i.e. more than a million people.
• 90% of patients with fibromyalgia are women and most affected people are between 25 and 50 years old.
• figures could be higher if we consider that only 50% are diagnosed. The other 50% are not diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
• the average elapsed time between the first symptoms and the diagnosis is of 9 to 14 years.
• the disease comprises between 12 and 20% of rheumatology consultations.
• after 10 years of sickness evolution, there has been an increment in the intensity of pain (55%), in fatigue (48%) and in sleep disorders (59%).


Fibromyalgia and CFS. are disorders related to unexpressed emotions. They are the result of an inner conflict that we ourselves generate, that means that all the emotions we are not capable of showing remain in our physical body as tensions, which appear as a huge variety of symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the relationship between emotions and fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia is the disease of contained emotions which become apparent as symptoms in our physical body. If emotions are channelled towards actions or opinions, we’ll free ourselves of tensions, frustrations and all kinds of internal conflicts. Expressing our emotions is a guarantee for health since we release energy contained in them, thus aligning three forces that are the foundation of life: thinking, feeling (emotions) and acting.
Energy that is not released reaches the muscular fibres, remains there in the shape of tension and causes pain.

2) Why does fibromyalgia affect women more often than men?
Fibromyalgia is the sickness of emotions and women are more emotional than mental and more practical. Men, however, are more mental than emotional and are more theoretical. On the other hand, repression is the factor which allows for the manifestation of diseases. Undoubtedly, it is well-known that, since childhood, women are more repressed than men.

3) When we want to start the process of recovery, where do we have to begin?
Many diseases, as well as fibromyalgia, develop in our way of thinking, which is conditioned by the education we receive during childhood. Since we are born, a way of thinking is stamped within our psychological structure that will remain for the rest of our lives. Healing begins when we are capable of accepting we have a disease, recognizing we are wrong in a particular way of thinking and acting upon ourselves to modify it.

4) What is the difference between allopathic and holistic medicine?
Holistic medicine looks at the patient as an interrelated whole. Man has three components: physical, psycho emotional and spiritual (i.e. matter, energy and conscience).
According to holistic medicine, a disease is more than a series of symptoms which appear in the physical body. The physical body is only the peak of the iceberg, since there are other vehicles: mental, where thinking is processed; emotional, where emotions are developed; and vital, which provides the energy that is basic for life.
Before sickness affects physical body, it goes through other phases. Thoughts and emotions cannot be seen, however, all of us experiment energy and information impulsesSo far, it was impossible to understand vital energy, now it is possible thanks to quantum theory

5) What changes do we need to make to our lifestyles to get over fibromyalgia?
The first thing that needs to be changed is the attitude – you have to give up being a patient and become an active element in the healing process. You do not expect to be cured; instead, you make the effort to make changes in your life to be able to heal.
Other changes you should make include: lifestyle, relationship with others and change of inadequate habits. Within the latter, we can include changes in the diet.

6) What needs to be changed in our relationship with others?
We need to be conscious and give our best, without being slaves. We have to look at others because they are the mirror where we can recognise ourselves and know what happens to us. What I find irritating in others is in my subconscious, what I criticise is a feature I have in common and what I admire is something I lack. I need to develop what I lack and get rid of what I have plenty of. Values and defects are the same thing but they are opposites.
It is a good thing to start having the control of my own life without expecting others approval, acknowledgement or support. Value myself without expecting other people’s approval. Give up doing what I’m expected to do regardless of my will, without repressing my opinions and actions.
Say ‘no’ without feeling guilty.
Happiness and inner independence must be achieved with effort, nobody can control our lives. An inner revolution is necessary to say ‘Stop! I want to be healed’.

7) Which therapies can be helpful?
Reflexotherapy, acupunture and shiatsu helped reduce pain and eliminate symptoms.

8) What kind of exercise is the best to get over fibromyalgia?
The best exercise for me is walking and conscious breathing; however, each person needs to find the exercise that best adequates to their fibromyalgia.

9) Does fibromyalgia affect organs?
According to holistic medicine, the liver is the most affected organ in fibromyalgia, since it is the place where all the emotions are stored. Emotions accumulate in the liver in the form of energy. When the liver cannot absorb more energy, it is transmitted to the muscles, tendons and ligaments it controls. Because the function of the liver is that of detoxifying the organism, I gradually replaced synthesis medicine with natural medicine like homeopathy, Bach flowers, etc.
I also gave up foods that were harmful for the liver, like sugar, chocolate, dairy products, fried food, alcohol, citrus, melon, lettuce, spinach, artichoke, green beans, red meat (pork mainly), seafood and dried fruit.
Afterwards, I adopted a biological diet – without artificial colours, thickeners, preservatives and flavour enhancers like monosodium glutamate (very toxic for me). Later, I adopted a macrobiotic diet.

10) What is a macrobiotic diet?
Macrobiotic diets have a detoxifying effect which considerably helps the liver. This diet consists of certain biological foods, taking into account some proportions:

  1. 40% integral cereals (rice, oats, millet, barley…).
  2. 30% fresh and seasonal vegetables.
  3. 15% vegetable proteins (legume, miso, tofu, tempeh, seitán…) or white fish.
  4. 10% algae (kombu, wakame, arame, hiziki).
  5. 3% ferments or pickles.
  6. 2% seeds (sesame, sunflower, pumpkin).

Within macrobiotics, we find foods that double as medicine, like umeboshi plums (antioxidant and antiseptic); shiitake mushroom and kuzu (energy); green tea (antioxidant and Immune System Strengthener…); algae (mineralize, reduce hypertension, anti-inflammatory).
Thanks to macrobiotics, I solved my irritable bowel problem in two weeks.

11) How significant has fibromyalgia been in your life?
Fibromyalgia has not been an enemy I had to defeat, but rather a teacher who taught me to love myself, not selfishly but as a means of liberating and respecting myself.
Living a simple life without everything that is superficial, and minimizing stress by reducing rush.
Being consistent when thinking, feeling and acting. If this is achieved, sickness can become health. When you think about something, you have to put it into action, otherwise, it is better to stop thinking. The disease has helped me understand that my body was complaining and I was not listening to it, I was covering its language with medication rather than making changes to my life.
We are not unavoidable victims of the disease; on the contrary, we are ruled by family, social and cultural patterns which do not admit change. Sickness is a part of me, an inner element rather than an outer one.

12) Can you describe your evolution?
Understanding the disease and doing some introspection through self-awareness helped me get over fibromyalgia and CFS. I have evolved.
In general, our society transmits that we must look outwards, but not inwards. Self-awareness starts when we are capable of taking an introspective look to see what psychological defects are inside us, but also to discover our inner values. These values gave me the necessary strength to start a new life, a new project. Like architects when they throw away the plans of a house they don’t like and start over.
More than two years ago, there was a significant improvement in my condition, and then I decided to write a book to give some hope to desperate people suffering from fibromyalgia. When I finished my book, allopathic medicine recognised that I was asymptomatic (i.e. without symptoms

13) Where can I purchase the books?

– Online: https://www.mangelsmestre.com/main/adquirir-libros/
– ESMACA (Escola Macrobiòtica de Catalunya) Espai Boisà Passatge Lluis Pellicer 8 Barcelona.
– 2Y Restaurant Passatge de Batlló, 4, 08036 Barcelona
– Epsilon Library c/Casanova, 82, 08011 Barcelona

Mestre Method


This method is oriented to people who have been diagnosed with any chronic disease and want to recover their health. It’s also oriented to people who consider themselves “healthy» but they want to improve their life quality. If we join these two groups, we can state that this method is valid to all of us.
When a sick person believes it’s possible to heal and makes changes in their lifestyle, they generate health.
The human being has a great potential he’s not aware of. Included in this potential is the capacity to self-manage his disease and reach health whenever he has willpower, is well-informed and is determined to make changes.
The process involved in going from sickness to health helps us to make a big change in our way of thinking, feeling and acting to adapt ourselves to the transformation we have to experience. This is the way free healthy people live.


After establishing that my two books (“Let’s Talk About Fibromyalgia” and “From Fibromyalgia to Health”) help people not only with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, but also with several chronic diseases, I’ve decided to create the mestre method.
This method is a summary of the books with the addition of more information. It establishes some criteria that must be considered, which show that pathologies are always multifactorial and that some predominant factors stand out in each patient, which make him unique and different.
Health recovery goes through a process that integrates five intimately related aspects, since they simultaneously work, influence and determine each other. Every aspect belongs to one of the bodies the man has. Only the physical body is tangible, others (bioenergetic, emotional, mental and spiritual) are intangible and are a vehicle to energy. We’re like Russian dolls, a body inside the other. The smallest body is the physical one; the others go on top of it. From a holistic point of view of the human being, chronic diseases need to be approached as a whole formed by interdependent aspects (physical, bioenergetic, mental, emotional and spiritual).


To share all my experience and all the information acquired from other people. By doing this, I invite you to do the same to improve society. This method will grow with time, and it will be downloadable for free.


From a holistic or global point of view of the human being, chronic diseases have several aspects:

1) Physical aspect

Our physical body is the “terrain” where the disease develops through the appearance of symptoms. If we enhance the terrain, we’ll avoid the disease. If the terrain is adequate (ph, salinity, temperature…) the disease will not be able to develop.
Included in the physical aspect are different factors:

a) The ‘terrain’ can be damaged by contamination. Nowadays, environmental medicine tells us that there are more sick people as a result of contamination rather than infection. Toxins: Sometimes we don’t perceive them but we breathe, eat, drink them or put them on our skin… We need to recognize toxins to be aware of their existence and thus be able to avoid them if possible.

External contamination

  • Acoustics
  • Lighting. Choosing the adequate lights.
  • Toxins in cleaning supplies and personal care products that we use on the skin, hair and nails.
  • Toxins in the fabric quality of the clothes we wear.
  • Toxins in the environment, air, water, food…
  • Radon: toxin coming from granite areas soils. It accumulates in the lower parts of houses.

Internal contamination:

Intestinal parasites. Sources: inhalation of tiny eggs found in the air, water, vegetables and animals,

  • Mycoses affecting internal organs: candidiasis, cryptococcosis,…
  • Microorganisms: pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

b) Allergy to metals. There are different tests to find it out. Mercury dental amalgams and vaccines.
c) Biodental test between the teeth and the rest of the body. Dr. Adler system,
d) Natural radiations (geobiological research of where we sleep and work) and electromagnetic radiations.
e) The ‘terrain’ can heal thanks to nutrition: breathing (respirationism); light (sungazing); hydrating; revitalizing diet: unprocessed, biological, energetic, mineral balancing regulator, balanced (80% alkaline – 20% acid).
f) Lifestyle. Avoid stress and reduce self-imposed standards. Physical activity (Nadeau technique; walking…). And finally is the genetic factor, which is not as important as we were told.
g) Genetics and epigenetics (beyond genetics).

2) Bioenergetic aspect:

We are energy and are surrounded by solar cosmic energy, solar (through minerals, vegetables, animals, human beings) and telluric (subsoil energy).
We interact with all the objects and beings around us.

a) Vibrational therapies (acupunture, shiatsu, reflexology, neural therapy,…).
b) Specific energetic included in a revitalizing diet. When we eat vegetables, we feed ourselves with luminous-solar power which provides us with vital energy. This energy allows for internal chemical reactions and covers organism’s needs.
c) We live from light. Photon energy is collected by our eyes and skin.

3) Emotional aspect

Emotions, together with thinking, change our biology and thus can help us recover health.

a) Change of attitude. We accept the disease is real without victimizing ourselves, without pessimism or optimism. Transforming our way of feeling. Opening our heart.
b) Change our relationship with others. Act wisely and be aware of what’s convenient regardless of other people’s opinion. Value ourselves without expecting other people’s approval. Learn how to say ‘NO’ without feeling guilty. Modify our way of acting. Openness in action.
c) Emotional release. Learn how to express emotions to recover health. Liberating techniques.

4) Mental aspect

Our mind is not only inside but also outside our head. ¿What’s the scope of it? The whole universe. We are universal beings, we connect with others, we are a whole.

a) Beliefs and Anchors, basis of thinking. Transforming cultural, social and family patterns. Believing in healing creates health.
b) Thinking transforms our biology. Recognizing and modifying our way of thinking. Openness of mind.
c) Developing rebelliousness, nonconformity with pre-established beliefs. Questioning and being critical about archaic patterns which state that chronic diseases cannot be cured. We should not expect to be cured. Instead, we can self-manage the healing process, thus being main characters – responsible and active.

5) Spiritual aspect

This aspect is the less tangible and subtle. Though it cannot measured, all of us know the significance of imagination, intuition and determination, which are conscience values.
Sickness is an inflection point, and if it is well exploited, it works as a driving force behind the development and evolution of consciousness.

a) Relaxation – Meditation – Visualization
b) Introspection. It drives us to find out what we lack (values) and what we have plenty of (defects) to work on them and develop consciousness.
c) Reconciling with our past and eliminating fear of the future so that we can live in the present.
d) Pain caused by sickness is raw material for spiritual growth ==>

Changes ==> Conscience evolution ==> leads us to live a better life, that of a free and healthy person.